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Hello, everyone! This blog is dedicated to auditions for my upcoming series, The Omniscience! It is the sequel series to The Upgrade, and it is set for a 2016 release!

If you don't know how auditions work, you send in a character, using the application below, and I will feature this character in my fanfiction. It's similar to roleplay, except instead of allowing other users to roleplay, I roleplay all the characters.

Note: I did not come up with this idea.

If you want to know more, please check out the following pages:

The Omniscience

1.486: Foreigners of the Fallen



Full Name:


DOB (Date of Birth):



Species: (Subhuman or Hybrid Human)



Actor/Actress: (If you need help finding an actor/actress, see my user page for actors and actresses I want to use.)


Full Name: Darren Henry Samuelson

Age: 18

DOB (Date of Birth): February 23, 2097

Gender: Male

Family: Vienna Samuelson (Younger Half-Sister)

Species: Subhuman

Occupation: Member of the Hybrid Human Society

Personality: Darren is confident, street-smart, and energetic. He has sworn loyalty to the Hybrid Human Society, but it might not be entirely certain whether or not he can keep his promises.

Actor/Actress: Chris Wood

Another link to the auditions can be found on Wattpad. If you have any more questions, please leave them below! :)

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